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Tory Lanez Net Worth (2023) | Tory Lanez Real Name?

Tory Lanez is a musician from Canada who raps, sings, and writes songs. He was born on July 27, 1992, in Toronto, Canada. 

His real name is Daystar Peterson and his full name is Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson. He is of Afro-American and Hispanic descent.

Tory Lanez’s music is a mix of hip-hop, R&B, and pop. His lyrics are often about heartbreak, love, and relationships. He is well-known for the enticing hooks and melodies that he writes.

With that in today’s article, let’s find out Tory Lanez net worth, his lifestyle, social media presence, etc.

Tory Lanez Net Worth 2023

Daystar would often go to the park or some other public place to rap in front of people. This helped him improve his skills and become better at rapping.

Daystar’s family moved to Georgia when he was young, and it was there that he met Hakeem – his best friend. At the time, Hakeem worked as a janitor but Daystar quickly took to him nevertheless. 

In fact, it was Hakeem who gave Daystar his nickname “Lanez”; something he earned from playing in traffic lanes all the time!

Daystar quit the tenth grade when he was 16 years old and started playing music at open-air events shortly afterwards.

Tory Lanez started out by posting his music on YouTube. He was eventually discovered by a record label and signed to a record deal.

Tory Lanez is popular because of his unique sound and style. He has a loyal fan base who loves his music. He is also popular because of his good looks and charming personality.

Some of Tory Lanez’s biggest hits include, “Say It,” “Luv,” and “flex.” He has also collaborated with other popular artists such as Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and Meek Mill.

Tory Lanez is currently in a relationship with model Jai Amor. Not much is known about his personal life as he likes to keep it private.

Some interesting facts about Tory Lanez include, he is a skilled basketball player and he can also speak Spanish fluently.

Tory Lanez also founded his own record label in 2014 known as One Umbrella which is a Canadian record label and management company.

In an interview, Tory stated that he had written songs for several well-known rappers like Akon, TI, and Travis Scott.

Tory Lanez’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of $4 to $6M as of 2023. Tory is growing every single day as he is still young and we believe Tory will make more millions in the upcoming years of his career in music.

Tory Lanez Youtube Channel

Now let’s have a look at Tory Lanez’s youtube channel and its statistics. Tory Lanez created his youtube channel way back in the year 2007 but uploaded first video on his youtube channel in the year 2010 with the title All I want is you.

As of 2023, Tory Lanez has more than 4.2M subscribers, with 2.4B total video views of uploaded 290 videos. 

Tory Lanez also has one more youtube channel with the name Tory Live.

Below is the first youtube video uploaded by Tory Lanez on his channel.

Tory Lanez Shop

Tory Lanez is also making money by selling his merchandise on an ecommenrce platform known as

Tory’s fans can buy T-shirts, hats, hoodies, joggers etc from his eCommerce store.

Tory Lanez on Twitter

Tory Lanez is active on Twitter and 2.2M people are following his account. If you want to follow Tory Lanez on twitter then his username is @torylanez.

Tory Lanez on Instagram

Tory Lanez has his presence on instagram as well with more 11.8M followers. You can follow Tory Lanez on instagram and his username is torylanez.

Tory Lanez Spotify

On Spotify, Tory Lanez has 4.67M followers with more than 17M monthly listeners. Tory Lanez songs are included in approximately 40K playlists and has a total playlist reach of over 627M.

Tory Lanez SoundCloud

On SoundCloud Tory Lanez has 888K followers and has uploaded 423 tracks. 

Tory Lanez Apple Music

Tory Lanez has uploaded his songs on apple music as well if your an apple user.

Thoughts About Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is a Canadian rapper who has blown up in the past few years. His music is popular with both young and old audiences, and his lifestyle reflects that. 

He has a strong social media presence, which helps him connect with fans. 

FAQs About Tory Lanez!

How Tall Is Tory Lanez?

It is estimated that Tory Lanez is 5ft 3in in tall.

Where Is Tory Lanez From?

Brampton, Ontario is the birthplace of Tory Lanez

How Old Is Tory Lanez?

As of 2023 date, Tory Lanez is 30 years old.

Is Tory Lanez In Jail?

No, Tory Lanez isn’t in jail and is doing pretty good with his music as of now.

Did Tory Lanez Shoot Megan?

This is a question that has been on everyone’s mind since the news broke that Megan Thee Stallion was shot in the foot by someone. The police have not released any information about who shot her, but many people believe it was Tory Lanez.

Is Tory Lanez Jamaican?

No, Tory Lanez isn’t a Jamaican personlaity.

How Much Is Tory Lanez Worth?

Tory lanez is worth around $6M.

Where Is Tory Lanez Now?

Tory Lanez currently lives in Miami, Florida.

Does Tory Lanez Have Kids?

Yes, Tory Lanez had becomes father on 2017 and his son name is Kai and you check photos with his son on his Instagram account.

What Is Tory Lanez Real Name?

Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson is the real or original name of Tory Lanez.

Who Is Tory Lanez Signed To?

Mad Love Records and Interscope Records are the 2 record labels Tory Lanez currently signed to.

How To Buy Tory Lanez NFT?

You can buy Tory Lanez NFT on any of the popular NFT marketplaces!

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