Jessica Betts Net Worth

Jessica Betts Net Worth (2023) | Who is Niecy Nash’s Wife?

Jessica Betts who is born on June 19, 1982 is an Los angeles based Amarcian singer. As of 2023, Jessica Betts is 40 years old. 

In this article we shall have a glance at Jessica Betts net worth, how she became famous and more about her. So, keep reading.

Jessica Betts Carrer and Success

Jesscia Betts has completed her graduation from the US state university. In an interview Jessica Betts had said that she really wanted to become a professional basket ball player when she grows up.

Success dint pop up easily for Jessica as she says that when she grew up in chicago she was kind of surrounded by drug dealers and prositutes

Jessica Betts always had a love for singing and she grabbed attention of the public when she won the singing competition in the TV show Road to Stardom in 2005.

Her singles and albums were even featured in several movies as well that made her fame to rise even more.

Jessica Betts started singing at the early age of 16 and in 1998 she got signed to the independent music label group.

Later when she got married to Niecy Nash, People came to know more on Jessica Betts.

Jessica Betts Net Worth in 2023

It is estimated that in 2023, Jessica Betts net worth would be around $500K i.e half a million dollars.

Jessica Betts wealth comes from her singing career and through bookings.

Jessica Betts and Niecy Nash

Jessica Betts is married to niecy nash in 2020 and they both even got featured in Essence magazine cover and made history by becoming the first same sex couple to get featured in Essence cover.

Nash found Betts’ music on social media in 2015, and the two began chatting with each other. After spending a night together at Nash’s house, they began developing a passionate relationship.

Niecy and Jessica were actually just good friends before they became lovers. Check the below video on Niecy and Jessica from Good Morning Amercia.

Jessica Betts Instagram

Jessica Betts is active on instagram with 190K followers. Jessica Betts insta id is jessicabettsmusic.

Jessica Betts instagram profile

Jessica Betts Twitter

Jessica Betts joined twitter in 2009 and is quite active on twitter as well. Jessica Betts has around 6K followers on twitter.

Jessica Betts Twitter Profile

Thoughts on Jessica Betts 

The realisation that you are in love with someone does not take long. People might be in a relationship for years before getting married and then divorcing the next year. 

It’s a lovely thing to fall in love with someone’s heart and soul. What are your thoughts on Jessica Betts? Let us know!

FAQ’s on Jessica Betts  

Is Jessica Betts Married

Yes, Jessica betts is married. Jessica betts is the wife of american comedian Niecy Nash.

Who Are Jessica Betts Parents?

Jessica Betts Parents are George Washington Betts and Brenda Betts.

What Is Jessica Betts Net Worth?

Jessica Betts is worth more than $500K

What is Jessica Betts Age?

Jessica Betts age is 39 years.

What Does Jessica Betts Do For A Living?

Jessica betts does singing and music tours for a living

When Is Jessica Betts Birthday?

Jessica Betts lights candles every year on June 19th

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