Cody Ko Net Worth

Cody Ko Net Worth (2023) | How Much Cody Ko Earns in 2023?

Cody Ko is a popular internet personality who is a Youtuber, comedian, rapper, and podcaster.

Cody Ko, a Canadian internet sensation who was born on 22 November 1990. As of 2023, Cody Ko is 32 years old. His birthplace is Calgary Alberta, Canada.

Cody Ko is the name that most people know but his full name is Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk. Well, it would take lots of practice to pronounce his full name and that’s why he made it simple as “Cody Ko”.

So with that let’s dive into cringy Cody’s life, his net worth and lots more!

Cody Ko Education & Early Life

Cody Ko has completed computer science from Duke University, North Carolina, USA. 

Notably, Cody Ko had even created an ios app that adds captions to photos which had got 4 million users in just a few months in the app store. Later the app was bought by a company for 6 figures.

Cody Ko had also worked as a full-time iOS developer before he became an internet sensation. 

He was also a very good swimmer from an early age and his parents were very cool and always supportive in the decisions took by Cody Ko. He was a very good diver and had participated in several diving championships.

Cody Ko’s parents Helen and Greg were both entrepreneurs and had sold their software businesses.

Not only Cody but his parents also own a youtube channel named “adventuresofgregandhelen”

Cody Ko became popular when his videos started going viral on Vine. Vine was a very popular American short video sharing platform that is now discontinued.

Cody Ko Success story

Forbes had even addressed Cody Ko in one of their articles as “The most interesting YouTuber in the world”. 

As Cody was bored, one day he thought of downloading an app known as Vine. Cody Ko started making videos on Vine which grabbed the attention of a large group of audience.

He created videos that were just 6 seconds long and started the hashtag #6secondauditions and he started publishing some insane, comedy videos which started going viral in no time.

He had even gained more than 2.7 Million followers on the Vine app but later unfortunately vine app died.

Later, Cody totally shifted his attention from Vine to Youtube. Even though he was making videos on youtube, he was still working full time at Fullscreen. And while working at Fullscreen, Cody Ko met Noel Miller and they became best friends.

Cody eventually quit his job at fullscreen when his youtube and podcast started growing and started to focus on creating content full time.

Later even Noel had quit his job and they both started building a Patreon account and is one of the biggest Patreon accounts! 

Cody Ko is also a cast member of The Real Bros of Simi Valley. It is a TV series that was released in 2017. 

Cody Ko Net Worth (2023)

As of 2023, Cody Ko’s net worth is estimated to be $7 Million. It is not the accurate net worth of Cody Ko but more or less it would be around $7 Million.

Cody has a lot of revenue sources which will add to his total net worth. Let’s have a look at his social profiles.

Cody Ko Youtube

As of 2023, Cody Ko has 5.8 Million followers on youtube. Cody Ko has posted 336 videos on his youtube channel as of now and has 1.3 Billion plus content views. 

Cody Ko posts approximately 8 videos every month and on average each of Cody’s videos gets 2.5 Million views. 

So based on this data, Cody’s earning from youtube ads alone is approx $2.5Million. Other than he also gets paid for sponsorships and also affiliate programs.

He Also Has Other YouTube Channels: 

Cody & Ko (1.45M subscribers)

Insanely Chill (246K subscribers): It’s not active and the last video posted was 3 years ago) 

Cody Ko shorts (18.1K subscribers): Started in august 2022 where he posts youtube shorts

Tiny Meat Gang (1.16M subscribers): Tiny meat gang is a podcast with Noel Millers where the duo talk with each other, troll each other and others.

Kelsey Kreppel (921K subscribers): Kelsey Keppel is Cody Ko’s girlfriend and she owns a youtube channel in her name. And you can see a lot of videos of Kelsey and Cody on her youtube channel.

Without a second thought, youtube is the main source of Cody Ko’s income.

Cody Ko posted his first youtube video on 30 May 2014. Below is that video. It’s cringe just like his other videos.

Cody Ko’s Youtube channel:

Cody Ko Instagram

Cody has 2M followers on Instagram but is not so active on this platform. 

Cody Ko Instagram Profile:

Tiny Meat Gang Podcast Spotify

You can follow the TMG podcast on Spotify to find all the latest episodes where Cody and Noel will make you laugh. They are having 7.4 Million followers on Spotify as of December 2022.

TMG Podcast Spotify link:

TMG Patreon 

You can join TMG on Patreon where you can get immediate access to the TMG’s bonus episodes. The basic plan will cost $5 per month and the TMG Meat God membership costs $99,999 per month!

The Tiny Meat Gang on Patreon have 25K patrons (the people who took TMG’s membership)

TMG Patreon Link:

TMG podcast apple music

If you are an Apple user you can follow TMG’s podcasts on itunes.


Cody Ko twitter

Cody Ko is active on Twitter with 2M followers and you can follow him to check what Cody is upto.

Cody Ko Twitter profile:

TMG Merchandise

Cody and Noel also have an online store i.e where they sell t-shirts, shorts, hats, etc with the brand name TMG.

The sales from this online store also add to the net worth of Cody Ko.

Cody Ko Merchandise 

Cody Ko also has his own personal merchandise store where you can find tees, socks, hats, sweatpants, etc with the brand name Ko. Fans of Cody Ko will buy these merchandise from him.

Cody Ko’s official merchandise store:

Cody Ko Girlfriend

Cody Ko Girlfriend

Kelsey Kreppel who is also a YouTuber is the girlfriend of Cody Ko. Kelsey’s age is 26 years, she was basically a preschool teacher but later turned into a YouTuber.

Her youtube channel is lifestyle focussed which is kind of sarcastic and fun. She joined youtube in 2017 and since then her youtube channel has grown really well and as of now, Kelsey’s channel has 921K subscribers.

Cody and Kelsey met each other at a party in 2017 and since then they have been together with great bonding.

Final Thoughts About Cody

One of the examples of being funny and brilliant at the same time is Cody Ko. I must say when you start watching videos of Cody Ko it will tempt you to watch more and more because his videos are soo good, hilarious, funny, and mindblowing! 

Cody loves making cringe videos and his honest and humble behavior had made people to love him and his content even more.

By the way Cody is growing, don’t be surprised when he becomes a billionaire one day! 

What are your thoughts about Cody Ko? Do you love watching Cody Ko’s videos?

FAQ’s on Cody Ko

Are Cody Ko and noel still friends?

Yes, Cody Ko and noel are still friends and make podcasts together!

What’s Cody Ko’s last name?

Cody Ko’s last name is Kolodziejzyk. As it is hard to pronounce, he changed it to just Ko!

When did Cody Ko and kelsey meet?

Cody Ko hosted a dinner party in 2017 for his friends and thats when Cody Ko met Kelsey kreppel for the very first time. SInce then both of them have been together and having a healthy relationship.

How much does Cody Ko make?

Cody is worth more than 7 million dollars and is making a big chunk of money from his youtube videos.

How old is Cody Ko?

Cody is 31 years old. Still very young and making people laugh every single day with his youtube videos and podcasts.

How did Cody Ko became famous?

Cody Ko received initial attention from his Vine videos and later his videos on youtube commenting on other personalties grabbed a lot of attention from the audience.

Who is Cody Ko dating now?

Cody Ko is still dating Kelsey kreppel and they have been recently engaged as well.

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