DDG Net Worth 2022

DDG Net Worth (2023)| How Much DDG Earns in 2023?

Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. aka DDG is a rising American rapper, YouTuber, and songwriter. 

The young DDG is just 25 years old as of 2023 and was born on 10 October 1997. DDG was born and bought up in Pontiac, Michigan, united states.

DDG’s parents are Darryl Granberry and Tonya Yvette. His father Darryl Granberry worked at the Ford motor company in the automotive industry while his mother worked at 2 retails.

DDG is not the only kid to his parents. He also has 4 siblings. 2 elder brothers, one elder sister, and one younger sister. 

Unfortunately, one of DDG’s elder brother was shot dead in 2014 which always bothers DDG. With that, this article will go through DDG’s net worth in 2023, his success story, his mansion, jewelry collection and more! So, keep reading.

DDG Education & Early Life

From a young age, DDG always stayed out of trouble and his behavior was very good with others. He focused more on his studies than getting into fights with others.

DDG was very good at school academics and had excellent grades. Surprisingly DDG’s favorite subject was maths!

DDG went to Owen Elementary School and later he completed his middle and high school from International Technology Academy.

DDG even graduated from his school as a Valedictorian! Valedictorian is a position given to a student whose academic performance is best among others.

If you want to check out the Valedictorian speech my Mr. DDG then below is the video:

He was quite popular at the school and he also he was the ladies man in his speech. 

DDG has been doing and learning music when he was only 10 years old and the biggest influence in his rapping career was Drake.

DDG later opted to study Broadcasting and Theater Interpretation at Central Michigan University.

But DDG’s passion for music and YouTube made him drop out of college after being there for a year and a half and concentrated more on his passion.

DDG felt bad to drop from college but he had a bigger thing to do which is chasing after his dreams!

DDG had also worked at Kroger’s grocery store as part-time where he earned $6 per hour. Also, he worked at T.J Max to make some more money.

He stopped working at these stores after a year because this wasn’t the kind of job DDJ wanted to do after being a Valedictorian at school and more than that DDG wanted the music to be always in his life.

DDG Success Story

DDG had said in an interview that he never wanted to work for anybody and wanted to make it big by him being his own boss!

This thought has made DDG to push harder in being successful as a rapper.

Making it big want came easy for DDG as his elder brother was shot dead in 2014 and it wasn’t easy for DDG to overcome from this pain.

Even during these difficult times, DDG kept hustling and focused on making it big as an entertainer on his youtube channel. 

DDG had more than 80K subscribers in 2016 after he started uploading some cool videos. By the end of 2017,  DDG had gained 670K subscribers!

In Aug 2017, DDG had made a song with Lil Yachty named “Big Boat” which went viral and as of now, the video has 13 Million+ views.

The world grabbed the attention of DDG when he teamed up with the rapper Dexter to upload a music video named “Lettuce”. The video was uploaded in WorldStarHiphop youtube channel.

This song got so hit that DDG got millions of plays on SoundCloud and other platforms.

Later in the same year of 2017, another video song named “Take Me Serious” which was also uploaded on WorldStarHiphop grabbed millions of attention.

In 2018, DDG signed a record deal with Epic Records and released his debut studio album, “Sorry 4 the Hold Up,” in 2019. The album debuted at number 5 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and received positive reviews from music critics.

DDG has also released several other successful albums and singles, including “Valedictorian,” “Case,” and “Moonwalking in Calabasas.” He has collaborated with artists like YBN Nahmir, G Herbo, and Blueface, among others.

DDG had started making 7 figures when he was only 19 years old. And this was all about the success story of DDG!

DDG Net Worth (2023)

As of 2023, DDG’s net worth is expected to be approximately $8.3 Million or more. The majority of the DDG’s net worth comes from his music career, which includes album sales, streaming royalties, and concert tours.

DDG should be so proud of himself that at an early young age of just 24 years he is having a great net worth and living a lavish lifestyle because of his hard work!

Now let’s checkout DDG’s social media profiles and his lifestyle.

DDG Youtube Channels

If you thought DDG has only one youtube channel, then you are wrong because he is active in many other channels as well which greatly adds to the net worth of DDG.


DDG is DDG’s official youtube channel which was created on Oct 3rd, 2017. It has 2.6 million subscribers so far in 2023 with more than 387 million video views of 463 uploaded videos to date.

In this channel, you can see only DDG’s official audio and music videos. 

DDG Youtube Channel Link

The DDG Family

The DDG Family youtube channel was created on 6th Sep 2017 and has 4 Million subscribers as of March 2023. It has got 528 million video views of 974 videos uploaded.

In The DDG Family youtube channel, you can find family-friendly videos, pranks by DDG, funny stuff, about DDG’s lifestyle, etc

The video views DDG gets from these 2 youtube channels adds a great amount of money when calculating the net worth of DDG.

The DDG Family Youtube Channel Link

PontiacMadeDDG Vlogs

PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS is yet another youtube channel of DDG that has 3.2 million subscribers. 

This channel was created on 2014 and has 590 videos with a total of 518 million video views.  It is a daily vlog channel of DDG

PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS channel link

DDG Online Store

DDG also has an online store where he sells tshirts, mobile cases, hoodies with DDG Squad written on it.

Money from this store also adds to the total net worth of DDG. If you want to buy DDG branded accesories then below is the link to DDG’s online store.

DDG Online Store

DDG Instagram 

DDG’s Instagram profile has 5.7 million followers but he is not so active on the platform. Most of the time he will be active on the insta stories. You can follow DDG on insta to see what he is upto.

DDG Instagram Profile

DDG Twitter

DDG on Twitter has 1M followers and DDG actively tweets on Twitter. DDG got an NFT Twitter profile pic and his username is @PontiacMadeDDG.  Pontiac is his birthplace so that’s why the username is PontiacMadeDDG.

Follow DDG on Twitter to check out his cool tweets.

DDG Twitter Profile

DDG Spotify

On Spotify, DDG has more than 4.5 Million monthly listeners with 623K followers. DDG is added on 3045 playlists on Spotify and his playlist reach is more than 29 Million.

DDG Spotify Profile

DDG Apple Music

If you are an iPhone user, then follow and listen to DDG on apple music.

DDG Apple Music

DDG SoundCloud

On SoundCloud, DDG has received a total of 119 million streams till now and has 276K followers.  There are 120 tracks of DDG on SoundCloud and the track Moonwalking in Calabasas has the highest number of streams at 18.4 million streams!

DDG on Soundcloud

DDD Tiktok

DDG is highly active of TikTok as well with 2.9M followers. DDg has uploaded 239 videos on TikTok with 1.58 Billion video views in total!

Follow DDD Tiktok

DDG’s Girlfriend in 2023

DDG who is well known for ladies man has dated many ladies. Looks like in 2023, DDG is not single and is in relationship with Halle Bailey. But before in 2017, DDG was in a relationship with Kennedy Cymone who is a social media celebrity and YouTuber. But that relationship dint go well with DDG and they broke up. 

DDG was also in a relationship with Rubi Rose as well. Check this YT video about DDG talking about Rubi Rose.

DDG has made many prank videos on youtube and other platforms about his relationship and girlfriends but DDG is officially single. He had posted a video on Instagram saying he is not in any relationship but since Jan 2022 DDG has been dating Halle Bailey!

DDG Mansion

DDG had bought a mansion for an insane amount of $2.4 million and if you want to check out his mansion then DDG has a 21 min youtube video of his mansion tour.

Now you can imagine how much DDG would be earning if he has to buy a mansion of this cost. He also had spent $700K in renovations of the mansion!

He says he feels like a grown man after buying such an expensive mansion and is DDG’s one of the greatest accomplishments of life.

DDG Jewelry Collection

DDG has got a lot of jewelry collections such as costly Rolex watches, Mille watch, custom neck chain with DDG written on it which contains 3 rows of diamonds, costly bracelets, earrings, and many other jewelry collections. DDG has spent more than $500K on his jewelry collections!

Below is the YT video of his jewelry collections:

DDG Car Collection

DDG has got many luxury car collections as well. On his birthday in 2019, he had purchased his dream car Rolls-Royce Wraith for $500K! DDG says it’s his favorite car. 

He also owns a Maybach Lamborghini, BMW I8, Mercedez AMG. As far as our Knowledge, DDG has 4 cars as of 2023.

DDG’s mansion, car and jewelry collection shows why DDG’s net worth is massive!

Thoughts on DDG

Let’s be honest, YouTubers aren’t taken seriously in the competition-filled music world. But that doesn’t stop DDG from becoming successful. With his hard work to become what he wanted to become and to live a super luxury life, DDG has come a long way. 

And of course long way to go as well because DDG is still so young and we are sure DDG’s net worth will continue to grow if he continues to work hard as a rapper and on his YT channels!

DDG’s hard-working life journey is surely gonna inspire many young talents out there!

FAQ’s on DDG!

How did DDG get famous?

DDG had continuously posted videos on his channel which opened up for lot of attention but he really did became famous when the music video was uploaded on WorldStarHiphop channel.

What is DDG real name?

DDG’s real name is Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. but everyone and his fans call him DDG.

Where does DDG live?

DDG currently lives in Los Angeles, California

How old is DDG?

DDG is still very young and just 24 years old

How much is DDG net worth in 2023?

DDD is worth $8.3M or even more as of 2023 date.

Who is DDG dating now?

DDG has been in a relationship with several ladies namely Emaza Dilan, Kennedy Cymone, Rubi Rose, Essence Nicole Smith. Its not quite sure who DDG is dating in 2023 but there are a few rumors that DDG might be dating a singer named Halle Bailey.

Who is DDG signed to?

DDG has been signed to Epic Records, one of the top record labels.

Why did DDG quit youtube?

DDG had said on June 2021 that he will quit youtube because he wanted to concentrate more on his music videos. He had deleted or made the videos to private  in pontiacmadeDDG VLOGS channel. 

But did DDG really quit his youtube channel? Well, apparently he didn’t because he has been very active on his channel posting videos almost every single day!

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