Benny Blanco Net Worth

Benny Blanco Net Worth (2023)| How Much Benny Blanco Earns in 2023?

Benny Blanco is a popular American personality who is a  famous songwriter and musician. 

Benny Blanco was born on 8th March 1988 in Plano, Texas, united states. Later his parents moved to Reston in Virginia. At present, Benny Blanco stays at Reston.

As of 2023, Benny Blanco’s age is 34 years. Benjamin Joseph Levin is his real name. Benny Blanco is being used professionally as his stage name.

He is from a Jewish family. Benny Blanco’s mother, Sandra Beth is a social worker. And his father Andrew Mark Levin who worked in the apparel business.

Benny also has an older brother named Jeremy Levin who works as artist management and helps benny in managing his studio.

This article will go through Benny Blanco’s net worth, his life story, and other things. So, keep reading!

Benny Blanco Life Story

Benny has always loved music from his childhood and to channel his energy in music he was sent to guitar, piano, and drum classes where he got exposed to many varieties of music when he was just 4 years old.

Getting into music wasn’t so easy for benny as he was diagnosed with ADHD at an early age. 

But later he started listening to hip-hop music on cassette and Benny fell in love with it. 

Benny used to make beats and rapped as a teenager and he performed several times during the parties at his brother’s University of Delaware College.

Benny’s continuous performances grabbed the attention of Jonathan Shecter. Jon asked Benny Blanco to sign in as a rapper to the Columbia records but he didn’t accept that deal with Jon.

Later Benny Blanco started performing under Beny Bounce, the musical group short stuff little B at the age of 13.

Benny Blanco became popular when he signed as a songwriter with Downtown records.

His ability as a songwriter made him to collaborate with popular artists such as justin Beiber, Kesha, Wiz Khalifa, and others. This collaboration with popular artists made Benny Blanco recognized and popular in the industry.

Since then Benny has written so many songs for so many popular artists and has risen to fame in the industry. Benny also has own so many awards for the work he has done to the music industry.

Benny Blanco has played a major role in the sale of more than 500 million albums worldwide due to his collaboration with artists.

So that was the success story of Benny Blanco. Now lets check out Benny Blanco’s net worth.

Benny Blanco Net Worth (2023)

Benny Blanco net worth is estimated to be more than $20 Million as of 2023. Benny’s fame around the music world has made him to achieve such a wealthy net worth.

He is one of the leading record producers and songwriters of America, so don’t be surprised that benny blanco’s net worth can be even more than $20 millions!

Benny Blanco YouTube

Benny Blanco has one youtube channel that was created on July 27th, 2018 which currently has 1.5 million subscribers. Benny has uploaded 58 videos on his youtube channel with a total view count of 1.2 billions.

Benny Blanco youtube channel

Benny Blanco Instagram

Benny Blanco on Instagram has 888K followers and he is being followed by justin Bieber as well. 

Benny is active on insta stories but when it comes to Instagram posts benny only posts one or 2 per month.

Benny Blanco Instagram profile

Benny Blanco Twitter

Benny is also active on Twitter with 142K followers. Follow Benny Blanco on Twitter to check his latest updates.

Benny Blanco Twitter profile

Benny Blanco Spotify

On Spotify, Benny Blanco has 867K followers with current monthly listeners of 15.4M. Benny has been added in more than 10K playlists with a playlist reach of 115M.

Benny Blanco Spotify profile

Benny Blanco Apple Music

If you are an Apple user then you can listen to Benny Blanco’s music on apple music as well.

Benny Blanco Apple music

Benny Blanco Tiktok

On Tiktok, Benny Blanco has 4.1M followers with 3.6B video views. Benny is more active on tiktok than on any other platform and has uploaded 102 videos on tiktok.

Benny Blanco Tiktok profile

Benny Blanco Soundcloud

On Soundcloud Benny Blanco has 49.7K followers with a total of 14.7M streams. There are 22 tracks on his SoundCloud profile with the song Real Shit being the highest streamed music at 13.1M streams.

Benny Blanco SoundCloud profile

Benny Blanco Girlfriend

Yes, Benny Blanco is in a relationship as of 2023 and his girlfriend’s name is Elsie Hewitt.

Benny had also posted a status on Twitter saying he has a girlfriend. 

Elsie Hewitt is a British actress and model and she has appeared in many TV series as well.

Elsie Hewitt and Benny Blanco hasn’t kept their relationship private as both of them had shared photos of eachother on their respective social media pages.

So it confirms that the 33year old Benny Blanco is in a relationship with the 25 year old Elsie Hewitt.

Benny Blanco House

In 2020, benny Blanco had bought a $9.2 million mansion which was previously owned by the tinder CEO Sean Rad. The house which is located at Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

You can check the images of Benny Blanco house.

He also has several other properties bought for $4.4M and $3.5M. These expensive property purchases says that Benny Blanco’s net worth is way more than $20M

Thoughts About Benny Blanco 

It’s a little shame that such a great personality is known little in the music industry. To be honest benny Blanco is highly underrated in the music world. 

Benny is such a loving personality and he is successful because Benny is passionate about what he does!

Hope this article enlightened you about Benny Blanco and his net worth. Go ahead let us know what you think about Mr. Benny?

FAQ’s on Benny Blanco

How did Benny Blanco get famous?

He really became famous when he signed for Downtown records and then when he started writing songs for famous artists he got real attention.

How old is Benny Blanco?

Born in 1988, Benny Blanco is 33 years old.

When did Benny Blanco start writing music?

He got exposed to music at just 4 years old and started writing music when he was 13 years old.

Where does Benny Blanco live?

Benny Blanco currently lives in his mansion at Hollywood Hills.

Does Benny Blanco hate Charlie Puth?

Yes, looks like benny Blanco doesn’t really like charlie Puth as he roasted him several times on TikTok. Check this for why benny hates Puth.

Is Benny Blanco related to Lil dicky?

There were rumors that Benny Blanco and Lil dicky are dating each other but that isn’t true. They both are very good friends and there is nothing between benny and Lil

Does Benny Blanco have a girlfriend?

Yes, Benny Blanco has a girlfriend and her name is Elsie Hewitt.

How much is Benny Blanco worth?

Benny is worth more than 20 million dollars.

What is Benny Blanco’s real name?

Benny Blanco’s real name goes with Benjamin Joseph Levin

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