Josie Canseco Net Worth

Josie Canseco Net Worth (2023) |  Jose Canseco Daughter Net Worth

Josie Canseco is a well-known internet personality and an American model. Josie Canseco is the daughter of the famous Major League Baseball superstar Jose Canseco.

Josie Canseco has also established herself as one of the hottest influencers all over social media other than just being a model.

Josie Canseco’s age is 26years as of 2023 and she is born on 5th November 1996. Josie’s birthplace is Weston Florida, united states.

This article will walk you through  Josie Canseco’s net worth and more about life and her lifestyle.

Josie Canseco’s Education and Early Life

From a young age, Josie Canseco was all into dancing and her interest lay in it. Josie has been practicing various dance forms since she was just 12 years old.

Josie stayed in Florida for 3 years from 1996 to 1999 and then she moved to Los Angeles after her parents got divorced. Josie chose to stay with her mother.

As Josie Canseco was interested in dance, she joined a performance arts school in Los Angeles and learned a variety of dance forms.

Josie Canseco is also an animal lover and has been part of volunteering on various animal shelters around the city of los Angeles.

So now coming to how Josie Canseco got into the modeling world. Well, her mother itself was a model and she grew up watching her mother performing in the modeling world. 

Eventually, Josie Canseco fell in love with the modeling world and many had even suggested to her that she should become a model.

As her mother, Jessica Canseco had already very good connections in the modeling industry it wasn’t so hard for Josie Canseco to make her appearance in the world of modeling.

Then luckily for Josie Canseco, her photos got featured in many popular instagram accounts which got her pretty good attention. This attention from people gained good followers on Josie Canseco’s instagram profile and she wanted to make the best use of these followers.

When Josie Canseco was done with her college she held meetings with model agencies and then she signed with one of the top model agencies in New York city which is NEXT management agency.

But doing business with NEXT agency wasn’t quite easy for Josie Canseco as she had get adjusted with other models in that agency.

Josie Canseco got featured first in Love Magazine and then she did shoots for Teen Vogue, Maxim, Urban Outfitters etc.

At the age of 19, Josie Canseco even did shots for playboy with bikini photos which attracted thousands of people in getting to know about Josie and her fame raised exponentially.

And in 2018, Josie Canseco walked in the fashion of Victora’s Secret as well. Well after getting involved in Playboy and victoria’s secret fashion show, Josie Canseco’s fame has taken a sudden hike.

Well that was how Josie Canseco rose to popularity and it wasn’t really that hard for her to make herself a name in front the public.

Josie Canseco is currently working with Elite Model Agnecy, that was founded way back in 1972. 

Josie Canseco Net Worth (2023)

Being modeled for many top agencies, Josie Canseco has made a good amount of money. Josie Canseco’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be more than $3 million.

Josie Canseco’s net worth mainly comes from modeling work but other than that she also earns from Sponsorships, brand ambassador work, and other tiny businesses with which she is involved.

Josie Canseco Instagram

Josie Canseco has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and you can follow her on Instagram to check her latest modeling photos.

Josie Canseco Instagram Profile

Josie Canseco Twitter

Josie Canseco is also active on Twitter and goes with the username @JosieCanseco and has 103K followers.

Josie Canseco Twitter profile

Josie Canseco TikTok

Josie Canseco has a profile on TikTok as well but looks like she isn’t that active on tiktok compared to her Twitter and Insta profiles.

Josie Canseco TikTok profile

Josie Canseco relationships

Josie Canseco has relationships with popular guys and had many dint go well for long and had break ups along the way. Lets see Josie Canseco’s dating history with the guys.

Josie Canseco and Mike Stud

Josie Canseco had been in relationship with mike stud for almost 3 years. Josie Canseco  dated mike stud from 2015 to 2018. Mike Stud is a well known American hiphop recording artist.

Josie Canseco and Brody Jenner Relationship

Josie Canseco had also dated brody Jenner who is an American TV personality but that dint go well because of the age differences between the both.

Josie Canseco and Bryce Hall

There were rumors that Josie Canseco might be dating Bryce hall because both had kissed each other at the birthday party of Bryce hall. But later Josie Canseco made it clear on a tweet that she isn’t dating and don’t have any romantic relationship with Bryce hall.

Josie Canseco and Logan Paul’s Relationship

Josie Canseco and logan paul had a very good romantic relationship together as they have shared so many posts and stories together. Josie Canseco and logan paul started dating in 2020. But it didn’t go well with Josie and Paul but they seem to be friends after 2 years of break up.

Josie Canseco and G Eazy

There were also rumors that Josie might be dating the American rapper and record producer G Eazy because Josie was seen kind of romantically involved in a party at Hollywood Hills.

Thoughts on Josie Canseco

Josie Canseco is very sweet and charming lady and the modeling career suits her very well. Hope she gains lot more success in the field of modeling and her net worth keeps on increasing.

Let us know what you think about Josie Canseco and her career in modeling in the comments!

FAQ’s on Josie Canseco

Is Josie Canseco single?

Yes, Josie Canseco is currently single in 2023 and isnt dating anyone.

Who are Josie Canseco parents?

Josie Canseco’s father is Jose Canseco (a well known MLB player) and her mother is Jessica Canseco (who is a model as well as actor)

How old is Josie Canseco?

As of 2023,  Josie Canseco is 26 years old

How much is Josie Canseco worth?

Josie Canseco is expected to be worth more than 3 million dollars.

What does Josie Canseco do for a living?

Josie Canseco does modeling for her living.

Where does Josie Canseco live?

At present, Josie Canseco lives in NewYork City, United States

What is Josie Canseco’s full name?

Josie Canseco’s full name is Josephine Marie Canseco

When is Josie Canseco’s birthday?

Josie Canseco celebrates her birthday every year on 5th November

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