FunnyMike Net Worth

FunnyMike Net Worth (2023) | How Much is 22 Savage Net Worth?

FunnyMike is yet another American personality who is a YouTuber, rapper and is known for his comedies as well.

Well, now you might ask which parents keep their kid’s name as FunnyMike? Well, let’s clear the air. FunnyMike isn’t his real name.

MacArthur Dean Johnson is the real name of Mr. FunnyMike. He is also known by another name called as young 22.

FunnyMike was born on 8th October 1996 and as of 2023 FunnyMike’s age is 27 years. FunnyMike’s birthplace is baton Rouge Louisiana, united states and he spent most of his childhood in that place.

This article will talk about FunnyMike’s net worth and how he became famous and much more!

FunnyMike Education and Early Life

The 26 year old FunnyMike wanted to become a popular entertainer but he had no clue how he can become one.

FunnyMike completed his schooling at baker high school, Baton Rouge. After completing his high school he discontinued his further education because there was something else going on in his mind.

FunnyMike grew up with his both parents and his brother and all his family members encouraged him with his online performances.

FunnyMike was a popular kid in his school as he was a good entertainer with good humor.

From his childhood, FunnyMike admired Mr. Kevin hart and always wanted to be like him. You know, how funny Kevin hart is, don’t you?

FunnyMike was also inspired by other famous artists such as Boosie and Kevin gates.

This inspiration made FunnyMike to start making funny rap songs and upload those videos into vine and youtube. But he wanted to be comedian more than a rapper.

For this reason, FunnyMike created several different accounts on several social media platforms to grab the attention. He created social media accounts such as Funny Ass Mike, Mighty Mike and several others but it dint really work out.

It did got him good followers on instagram and vine but people started somewhat liking FunnyMike’s videos.

Later with some popularity, FunnyMike signed for a comedy act with travis james entertainment. 

But things dint go smoothly for FunnyMike because he was charged with a second degree murder and was detianed. But got out of the jail after paying a hefty bond amount of $370K.

Anyways after all that, many of the FunnyMike’s youtube videos and singles went viral and was able to make it big.

FunnyMike Net Worth in 2023

In 2023, FunnyMike’s net worth is estimated to be more than 5 million dollars. Most of his net worth comes from his youtube channel as he has huge subscribers on youtube with great engagement.

FunnyMike is still young and his net worth will keep on increasing if he consistently keeps making more and more videos on youtube.

FunnyMike Youtube

FunnyMike on youtube has a whopping 6.9 million followers and is growing every day. It is estimated that FunnyMike earns at least $30K solely from youtube ads and apart from that he is also earning from sponsorships on his channel.

FunnyMike’s youtube channel was created in 2016 and since then he has uploaded 535 videos with a total of 1.5 billion video views.

Funymike youtube channel

Apart from the main youtube channel, FunnyMike also owns 2 other youtube channels namely FunnyMike PlayHouse Videos For and FunnyMike Skits.

FunnyMike PlayHouse Videos For that was started in 2021 has 89K followers and till now has uploaded only 1 video.

FunnyMike skits was created in the year 2018 has 1.5M followers and has uploaded 21 videos till now. 

The 2 youtube channels of FunnyMike are the main sources of his income.

FunnyMike Instagram 

FunnyMike posts on Instagram are super funny and you will laugh your ass off. He has 7.7 Million followers on Instagram and people are loving his posts.

FunnyMike on Instagram

FunnyMike Twitter

Youll love FunnyMike’s Twitter profile as well as he posts some nice interesting quotes that will make your day. You can follow FunnyMike on Twitter and he has 260K followers.

FunnyMike Twitter profile

FunnyMike TikTok

FunnyMike is very much active on the tiktok platform with 55 uploads and 3.1 million followers.

FunnyMike on tiktok

FunnyMike Spotify 

Apart from being a youtuber, FunnyMike is also a rapper so you can find his songs on spotify as well. He has 5.5K monthly listeners on spotify.

FunnyMike Spotify profile

FunnyMike Apple Music

You can listen to FunnyMike’s songs on apple music if you are an iphone user.

FunnyMike apple music

FunnyMike SoundCloud

FunnyMike also has his songs uploaded on soundcloud and has 38K followers with 19 tracks.

FunnyMike SoundCloud profile

FunnyMike also has a official website named funnymike entertainment.

FunnyMike Family

FunnyMike is in relationship with the youtuber Jaliyah monet and they both have a girl child named Londyn (born in 2019) and a boy child named MacAuthor Johnson (born in 2020)

They together have a youtube channel named MJ family which has 3.2 million followers where they post family videos, prank videos etc.

FunnyMike and Jaliyah together live in an expensive mansion worth $20 million (which they say it not sure if its really worth $20 million though)

Here is the video walkthrough of his mansion that was uploaded by FunnyMike himself on his youtube channel.

Unlike other celebrities, FunnyMike’s relationship with Jaliyah monet is going well and we hope it continues forever.

Thoughts on FunnyMike

I think FunnyMike’s dream of becoming a popular entertainer has come true and he is living his life by making his fans and audience laugh.

People always need something funny and entertaining so that they could enjoy laughing and have a good time out of their stressed life and FunnyMike brings it to the people and people love his persnolaity and his videos!

Hope FunnyMike’s net worth increases as he keeps bringing smiles and laughs to the audience. What are your thoughts on FunnyMike? Let us know in comments!

FAQ’s on FunnyMike

What is FunnyMike’s real name?

Funnymike’s real name goes with MacArthur Dean Johnson

Is funnymike married?

No, funnymike isnt officially married but he is in very good relationship with Jaliyah monet and they both have 2 kids as well.

How old is funnymike?

Mr. FunnyMike is 27 years old as of 2023.

How did funnymike get famous?

FunnyMike became famous because of his hardwork and his talent of being an entertainer.

How much does funnymike make?

Funnymike is making atleast 5 million dollars and our best bet is it is way more than that.

What luxury car does funnymike own?

Lamborghini is the luxury car owned by funnymike and he says it is his dream car.

How old is funnymike son and daughter?

Funnymike’s son is 2 years old and his daughter is 3 years old.

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