Why BTS Was MIA From the 2023 Grammys

The 2023 Grammy Awards had a noticeable absence of the seven-member ensemble, BTS.

The popular South Korean band was nominated for two awards this year, including their "Yet to Come" music video and their collaboration with Coldplay on "My Universe."

Despite their impressive accolades, BTS was not present at the awards ceremony, leaving fans wondering where the group was.

According to Korea Herald, BTS was unable to attend the Grammys due to military enlistment and solo career commitments.

This news follows the announcement made by the group in June 2022, where they stated that they would be taking a break from their busy schedule.

The announcement was made through a video posted on social media, where Jungkook stated that each member of the group would be taking some time to have fun and experience new things, promising that they would return in the future, even more mature.

Despite the announcement of a break, a representative for BTS made it clear that the band was not on a hiatus, but would be exploring solo projects while still remaining active in various formats.

This was echoed by Suga, who stated that they were going on a hiatus, but the rep ensured fans that this was not the end of the line for the band.

Fans can expect BTS to continue to create music and perform in various formats, even if they are not able to attend awards ceremonies.