Tristan Thompson apologizes to late mom Andrea

Tristan Thompson, the NBA star, has publicly expressed his remorse over causing pain and embarrassment to his late mother, Andrea Thompson.

In a heartfelt tribute posted on Instagram, Tristan shared a collection of memories and photos of his mother, including those taken with his former partner, Khloé Kardashian

He candidly spoke about his journey through grief and his disbelief at losing his biggest supporter and superhero.

In his touching tribute, Tristan recognized the unwavering faith and strength of his mother, who always stood by him and his siblings, shielding them from the world's evil through her prayers.

He thanked her for dedicating her life to her children and the church, and for being his hero and role model.

Tristan referred to his mother as the strongest woman he has ever known, who always fought against life's challenges and battles, always putting her family and faith first.

He acknowledged her love and sacrifice, and how she remained a source of inspiration even after her passing.

Before ending his post, Tristan took the opportunity to apologize to his mother for any hurt or embarrassment he may have caused during his life.

He expressed his love and admiration for her and promised to live his life in a way that would make her proud. This heartfelt tribute showcases Tristan's deep affection for his late mother