Brittany Furlan, wife of Tommy Lee has addressed the criticism

Brittany Furlan, wife of Tommy Lee, has addressed the criticism she has received from social media users after the recent release of Pamela Anderson's Netflix documentary and memoir.

The former couple divorced in 1998 after three years of marriage and the release of their infamous sex tape in 1995.

However, in her recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Pamela mentioned she was delighted that Tommy was in a good place and happily married to Brittany.

Brittany took to TikTok to address the negativity and let her followers know she was okay. She stated that she doesn't sweat the comments from people who don't know her or her relationship with Tommy.

She expressed gratitude for those who have shown concern for her well-being and sent love to those who have been unkind.

She credits her loving husband, who could care less about the criticism, for helping her not to worry about it.

In her video, Brittany highlighted the fact that life is short and it's not worth worrying about comments from people who don't know you or your relationship.

She expressed confidence that the criticism will pass soon and she'll be back to her usual routine.

Brittany left her comments open for those who wanted to share their opinions, even if they were mean, and thanked those who have stuck up for her.