During the time he was filming "Blue's Clues," Steve Burns disclosed that he had been suffering from depression.

According to Steve Burns, the depression lasted for a total of six years.

Steve Burns went on to explain that he had to quit the show because of his depression.

Steve Burns discussed this during an interview with variety and next slides show how social media reacted to Steve Burns depression comment.

Damn he brought us so much joy

& then the rumor went around that he'd taken his life. I bet that was traumatic for him to deal with, on top of depression.

I'm glad more people are talking about their struggles with mental health 🫂

How? 🤯 you never know what’s really going on behind a smile. I hope he found peace.

He seem so happy during the show. His acting skills is on point

It’s scary how so many mask their depression with work. That was probably the very thing that saved him too. Because he made my childhood cool until they brought a newbie on and I stopped. Depressed people make better content. 😩