Bernard Robinson, Shanquella's father, thinks his daughter's death was staged.

Alcohol poisoning had been blamed as the cause of death for Shanquella Robinson previously.

Public don't think Shanquella died of alcohol poisoning, and neither do her parents and other family members.

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Sounded like a set up from the jump. Heartbreaking. 🙏🏽 Answers and healing for this family

Heavenly father please send yo power of peace 🕊️ to his heart surround this family with angels peace please keep them lifted send your power of healing right now Lord

Man…. Not one of them would be safe ANYWHERE on this planet… it’s on site for them and whoever they wanna bring… this is heartbreaking

I couldn't imagine smh. I stay to myself cuz you can't trust anyone anymore! "Pay attention to your circle before they hurt you"

It was definitely a set up, and I hope the FBI being involved will help them find out if this was premeditated cuz they all had to be having text conversations without her

Such a sad story. If it was premeditated in the US hopefully they can bring them to justice quicker.