Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue Released From Prison

The entertainer known as Pretty Ricky's Baby Blue was recently released from prison after serving a one-year sentence for his involvement in a $24 million Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan scam.

In 2020, Blue was arrested for submitting false loan applications and receiving funds from the COVID relief program.

He admitted to his wrongdoing in August 2021, and in February 2022, he officially began serving his sentence.

Prior to his incarceration, Blue reached out to his fans with a message acknowledging his mistake and expressing his appreciation for their support.

He acknowledged that he had made a mistake and promised to come out of the experience stronger and wiser.

In the midst of the pandemic, Blue reportedly took out loans for two of his companies, LLC and Blue Star Records LLC, under false pretenses.

He later admitted to using the funds to purchase luxury items and gamble at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

As a result of his crime, Blue was ordered to pay $1,111,345 in restitution and $1,134,782 in forfeiture, in addition to serving time in prison.

He spoke with DJ Vlad about the situation prior to his incarceration, stating that he was unsure how he received the money and that he was not knowledgeable about the PPP program.

He also claimed that the people who helped him obtain the loans turned on him and became confidential informants, which led to his arrest and the media attention surrounding the case.

Despite the challenges he faced, Blue remains determined to move forward and become a better person. He is grateful to his friends, family, and fans for their support