Pamela Anderson Reveals She Still Has Her Iconic Baywatch Swimsuit

Pamela Anderson, the actress and former glamour model, recently shared a surprising revelation with Entertainment Tonight.

Despite more than three decades passing since she first donned the iconic red swimsuit on the hit TV show Baywatch, Anderson still has the costume in her possession.

In fact, she revealed that the swimsuit still fits, and she even slips into it every once in a while. Anderson rose to fame playing the role of lifeguard C.J. Parker on Baywatch, which first aired in 1992.

She spent five seasons on the show, before departing in 1997 to pursue other acting and modeling opportunities. Anderson admitted to only having one of the swimsuits she used on the show, but said she was glad it still fit.

After leaving Baywatch, Anderson made a cameo appearance in the 2017 Baywatch movie spinoff, reprising her role as C.J.

However, the actress revealed that her return to the role was not an easy decision, as she was subjected to a lot of bullying from the bosses.

They expected her to take on the role for free, as a homage to the original show, and Anderson said the pressure to agree to the request became "really, really awful".

Despite the hit show being watched by 1.1 billion people in 150 countries during the 1990s, Anderson revealed that she only earns 800 pounds a year from Baywatch royalties.

Nevertheless, the actress said she still treasures the iconic swimsuit, and it serves as a symbol of her time on the beloved show.