Nick Carter Countersues Woman Who Accused Him

Nick Carter, a member of the iconic boy band, the Backstreet Boys, has taken legal action against two women who have accused him of sexual assault.

On February 2, Carter filed a countersuit against Shannon "Shay" Ruth and Melissa Schuman, who had previously sued him for sexual battery and rape, respectively.

Carter's attorney has claimed that the two women were trying to "harass, defame, and extort" his client, and were taking advantage of the #MeToo movement for their own purposes.

The countersuit accuses Ruth and Schuman of engaging in a five-year conspiracy to damage Carter's reputation for the purposes of gaining attention and fame or extorting money from him.

It also claims that their actions have caused Carter over $2.3 million in business losses and accuses them of being "opportunists" who were out to "destroy innocent lives."

In response, Ruth's attorney has claimed that a jury will weigh the evidence and make a decision, while Carter's attorney has stated that protecting one's reputation is not victim blaming or bullying, but simply telling the truth.

In 2017, Schuman accused Carter of raping her when she was 18 years old. However, Carter denied the allegations and claimed that the acts were consensual.

Schuman later forgave Carter and stated that she had come forward with her allegations to heal herself, not to hurt him or his family.

Ruth, on the other hand, alleged that Carter had assaulted her after a Backstreet Boys concert in 2001, when she was 17. Carter's attorney has denied these allegations and called them "legally meritless" and "entirely untrue."