LondonOnDaTrack gave a response to Eboni, the mother of his child.

This comes after Eboni shares her text with LondonOnDaTrack on instagram stories

LondonOnDaTrack gets pissed off and says to stop using innocent children to get fame and money.

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It seems like everytime he starts dating someone new...she pops out with something 🤔...

Pick ya baby mamas wisely and vise versa

What you don’t do is come on the internet and disrespect a child like that this will follow him for the rest of his life I would sue her for even a pen she owns

What?! She shouldn't be playing with it on social media that's a personal and traumatic experience for her child if all of what she's saying is true

It seems like she was trying to get him to admit/say something incriminating, but failed!!!

It’s sad when you leave your child with its FATHER and he’s not protecting her and making excuses for whatever happened to her SMH