Leonardo DiCaprio Slammed By A Radio Host Over His Dating Rumours

Recently, renowned Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has come under fire from radio host Megyn Kelly, who criticized the 48-year-old's tendency to date women who are no older than 25 years old.

This criticism was prompted by rumors of a relationship between DiCaprio and 19-year-old model Eden Polani.

DiCaprio is well-known for his proclivity for younger women and has a history of relationships with women significantly younger than him.

In fact, he recently ended a long-term relationship with Camila Morrone, who turned 25 a few months prior, before being linked to Polani.

On her SiriusXM show, Kelly took a strong stance against DiCaprio's dating habits, stating that he will never find happiness or love by continuously pursuing younger women.

She commented, "He's in the news every week for how he won't date anybody past age 25. If he does, it makes news. And now he's actually gone down to a teenager.

She could literally be his daughter. I feel like this guy from the rate of things is never going to know the joy of meeting somebody who he can fall in deep love with and build a family with.

He's just going to keep banging teenagers for the rest of his life. It doesn't strike me as something to emulate."

The rumors of DiCaprio's relationship with Polani gained traction after the two were spotted sitting together at a music event.

However, a source close to the actor denied that they were dating, saying "There is zero truth to this. He was seated next to (Eden) at a music party, along with many other people."

In addition to being linked to Polani, DiCaprio has also been rumored to be dating 23-year-old model Victoria Lamas and 27-year-old model Gigi Hadid after his split from Morrone. Nevertheless, these rumors remain unconfirmed.