Leonardo DiCaprio Is Not Dating The 19-Year-Old Model

It seems that Hollywood icon, Leonardo DiCaprio, cannot escape the media's lens when it comes to his personal life.

Despite his impressive acting career that has garnered critical acclaim and admiration, it is his dating life that continues to be a topic of discussion.

Throughout the years, the actor has faced scrutiny for his reported preference for women under the age of 25.

In light of this, recent rumors of a possible romance between Leo and 19-year-old model Eden Polani have taken the internet by storm.

The rumors were ignited after the two were seen sitting next to each other at a music release party, but as per a recent statement from a reliable source, it appears that these rumors may have been blown out of proportion.

The source stated that Leo and Eden were merely seated next to each other at the party and were just part of the same group, adding that just because they were seen talking or sitting together, it doesn't necessarily mean they're dating.

Following his split from ex-girlfriend Camila Morrone, who was 25 years old when they ended their four-year relationship, Leo has been linked to several high-profile women, including supermodel Gigi Hadid and Victoria Lamas, the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas.

Furthermore, recent reports of Leo vacationing on a yacht with multiple bikini-clad women suggest that he is in no hurry to settle down and is thoroughly enjoying his bachelor phase.

while Leo's personal life may always be a subject of public interest, it's essential to remember that he's entitled to his privacy and that it's best to wait for confirmation before jumping to conclusions.