Kylie Jenner has stated that despite the fact that she is a mother, these are the years in which she should be exposing herself.

Kylie apparently has no intention of sacrificing her style for motherhood.

Kylie Jenner admitted in an interview that she was pleased with her physical appearance and happy with the choices she had made to take care of herself.

kylie jenner and travis scott are the parents of two children: a daughter who is four years old and a son who is nine months old.

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You were naked… that’s how the babies got here! 😂😂 nah but I feel you tho!

She has the luxury of being able to be a mom AND enjoy her 20s

Can’t judge her for wanting to enjoy her 20s

& this exactly why I’m against having children too young.

Why living your best life involve being naked? That don’t sound weird to y’all?