Kelsey Nicole recently made headlines after she was asked if Tory Lanez paid for her lawyer 

Kelsey Nicole's response was that she simply couldn't remember. This vague answer has left a lot of people confused. 

Some speculate that Kelsey Nicole may be withholding information or refusing to cooperate further but until anything else is said it appears that all we can do at the moment is draw our own conclusions. 

Read the next slides on how social media reacted to Kelsey Nicole in the court:

She acting like the first 4 mins a n!gga get caught cheating red handed “WHAT YOU MEAN?!” 😂😂

Kelsey gonna end up in prison. Why y’all think you smarter than them people 😂

Now girl how you don’t remember if the money came out of your account for lawyer fees or not 😂

what DO sis remember ?!?! Cause she aktin like she can’t remember nothin all of a sudden 🙄

“Did he offer to buy your lunch” yeah “did he pay for it” idk. You see how that makes NO sense or that you know he did but don’t wanna say he did? Lol.

Girl just stop…about to F around and miss your child’s toddler years playing silly games with the law smh.

😂😂😂 ain’t no way the judge is gonna let the prosecutors witness lawyer be paid for by the defense. That’s obviously a conflict of interest 😂😂😂😂