Kelsey Nicole Has Given a questionable remark with respect to the  Megan Thee Stallion shooting case

Kelsey Nicole says that the reason she sent a text message stating that Tory Lanez shot Megan Thee Stallion is that she was in a state of extreme fear or anxiety at the time.

She may have been overwhelmed by the situation and felt that sending the text was the best way to convey what had happened.

Read the next slides on how social media reacted to Kelsey Nicole and the incident:

At this point lock up Kelsey for playing around with the tax payer money. Law & Order makes more sense than all this right now 😂

So basically Kelsey is compromised 🤷🏾‍♀️ shes taken money and basically in cahoots with Tory in creating sufficient reasonable doubt…

There’s LITERALLY footage of Kelsey asking Megan if she was okay after the shooting while the police were there. SMH

This case is exhausting. The only witness is a bird who was given immunity, right to plead the 5th, and was possibly bribed by the defendant. Not to mention she hates the person she’s testifying for SMH

Now I see why Megan been cool on ma’am the truth coming out now. Beeches is not gang like they claim. A lil money and BFF went out the window like smoke 💨

Baby she’s going to FEDERAL PRISON for lying under oath and being an accomplice. This man is ready to snitch on her and she’s still lying for him.

You don’t remember anything, but you remember that specific detail about her saying Tory was only hot cus he was on Jack Harlow’s song? Girl bye

So either she did it and is trying to cover herself or she just developed CTE mid testimony