Kehlani says she has been sexually assaulted during the UK concert.

In a now-deleted post on her Instagram Story, Kehlani claimed that she had been sexually assaulted during her final concert on the European leg of her Blue Water Road Trip Tour.

Kehlani said that the incident happened at the end of the show, as she was making her way through the crowd and was groped.

Kehlani  performed her last show in Manchester, England at the O2 Victoria Warehouse on Monday.

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Y’all be wondering why they be ready to body slam these fans when they get close smh

Smh women need a lot more of respect and protection ..especially the female artists .

I see why some celebrity’s be hitting these so call fans out of reaction of them doing inappropriate things to them while they walk by.

Some people get out in public and don't know how to act. She is there to sing and dance, not be groped, disgusting smh.

So sad that women cannot be sexy without men thinking she is asking for attention 😡 I’m very angry and sad she experienced this