BTS member Jung Kook makes history by becoming the first Korean act to officially perform at the FIFA World Cup.

There has never been a performance from Korea in the history of the FIFA world cup.

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Yall just be happy for jungkook, bts and their stats in the music charts say enough ignore the haters.

He deserves it honestly 🥰. Proud of him. He had a nice hefty budget for that performance I see lol

I don't usually listen to K pop but he sounds good  lol might've found a new music genre to listen to now

That’s fireee 🔥❤️ I hope he still does work w BTS in the future as well as his own

AYEEEE CONGRATS 🎉 JEON JUNGKOOK!!! Can’t wait to see what else you and BTS decide to do in these next 2 years!

Sorry. I don’t know this man. Sorry to this man 😐

Everyone on Twitter calling him the next Michael Jackson lmaoo