Jo Mersa Marley Dies at the Age of 31

Marley was found unresponsive in a vehicle and later confirmed to have passed away due to an asthma attack.

Marley was just 31 years old at the time of his death and was a talented singer in his own right.

He was the grandson of reggae legend Bob Marley and the son of Stephen Marley.

Marley was born in Jamaica and raised there before moving to Florida during his high school years. He later studied studio engineering at Miami Dade College.

South Florida radio station WZPP confirmed the news on Instagram, but did not reveal Marley's location at the time of his passing.

Marley's talent and music will not be forgotten, and he will be deeply missed by his loved ones and fans around the world.

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Dying alone, from a asthma attack, epilepsy attack, stoke, heart attacks is a sad way to go because it last a couple minutes and you know youre dying 💔💔

Just like his grandpa, he died way too young. Sad news for his family. Praying for his family 🙏

Having asthma is no joke 😢 had it since age in my 50's it seems worse. Prayers for his family for strength during this difficult time.