Jess Hilarious has disclosed that a male celebrity believed she was a man.

After making an appearance on the "Don't Call Me White Girl" podcast, Jess Hilarious brought this to light.

Mona Love makes a request to Jess Hilarious, asking her to discuss an interesting direct message (DM) that she has received.

Jess Hilarious received that message, which was sent from the account of a male celebrity who possesses a blue check verification.

The next slides will show you how social media has reacted to this!

I’m cracking uppppp! How could you think she was a man ? I want to know who it was 😂😂😂😂

Ain’t no point in telling the story if you ain’t saying a name😂

I wonder who it was 👀

Jess has STRONG features and she has that deep voice plus she does have a ruggedness about her. Homie might have thought Jess was short for Jesse and said come here playboy lol.

She don’t look like a man though lol Wtf but okaaay