Influencer Nikita Dragun Launches OnlyFans Account

Nikita Dragun is ready to show it all. The influencer stirred up excitement amongst her followers with the launch of her OnlyFans account on Jan. 31, teasing her fans with a preview of the X-rated content she will post on the platform.

She created a buzz around her new account by posting a video on Jan. 30, with a caption that read "Something big is coming".

The next day, on her 27th birthday, she posted a new clip showing two men using urinals. Suddenly, she enters the scene, wearing a "OnlyFans" bedazzled black bra top and shorts, and says "Mine's bigger" as the link to her OnlyFans account appears at the end.

Nikita, who is a transgender influencer, captioned the post, "Proud to say that YES I have a dick, YES I just launched an OnlyFans, and YES I'm going to show it".

The video received a lot of positive comments, including from fellow members of the transgender community. La Demi, a beauty guru, commented "And that's on happy birthday", and Veondre Mitchell wrote "Here for this".

Her fans were equally enthusiastic, with one writing "Girl, you broke the internet with this one" and another declaring "She's an icon. She's a legend, and she's the moment".

Nikita didn't stop there, she shared a seductive black-and-white photo of herself, captioning it "What's there to hide...come see for yourself". Kylie Sonique, a RuPaul's Drag Race alum, commented "You better show'em what the fuss is all about".

This OnlyFans launch marks Nikita's return to social media after being arrested and charged with felony assault of a police officer in Miami on Nov. 7.

Her publicist, Jack Ketsoyan, stated that Nikita was held in the men's section of the Miami-Dade county jail, which was "extremely disturbing and dangerous". She has since been released and is safe.