Hazel-E says whatever Devon Waller said is full of lies.

Earlier, Devon Waller published a story in which he stated that Hazel-E had shared intimate photos of him with members of his family.

Hazel-E posts a video from her hospital bed in which she claims to have had 13 tumors removed and that she is now forced to face the lies that Devon has told about her.

Next slides show how social media reacted to Hazel-E’s comment on Devon

she always explaining herself from a hospital 😩 ma’am just take care of yourself first

I could not give a person, let alone my ex, all this attention when I need to focus on myself lol 😬

Not drama from tha hospital bed 🙄🤣 Good night

She live in the hospital bruh 🤦🏾‍♂️

This is getting dramatic now…. Soap opera of sorts

I know he wasn’t shit from the beginning. Sorry to see she’s going through this.