Baby mama of Future has referred to him as an unsuccessful father.

This followed a tweet by Future, in which he said that unsuccessful people have no idea how successful works.

Responding to this Krystle Darosa posted on her instagram stories as “says the unsuccessful father”

Next slides shows how social media reacted to Future and  Krystle Darosa.

All his baby mommas can’t be lying 🤨

I mean...has he ever been a decent father, let alone human?? Why are ppl still surprised?!

Money doesn’t buy happiness. It just allows you to be comfortable in misery.

Damn You Don’t Never Hear Nothing Good About Future And His Kids. Sheesh!

Idk y they still giving him babies they b thinking the grass gonna b greener

people been saying future was a deadbeat yet you still had a baby by him ?😭 whatchu think he was gone change