Eva Marcille has discussed her feelings regarding Nicki Minaj's absence from the Grammy nominations.

According to Eva Marcille, Nicki Minaj was deserving of a Grammy award.

On Tuesday, Nicki was one of the top topics that people were talking about on Twitter.

Many of Nicki's supporters are still in disbelief that she wasn't even considered for nomination.

Next slides will show you how people reacted to Eva Marcille and on Nicki Minaj.

I know Artist love the Grammy’s and all, but why is that the standard of success.

I agree nicki has always deserved a Grammy. She has clearly been blackballed 🤷🏾‍♂️

A lot of Super talented artists deserve Grammys and haven’t got them…..

How are we making somebody give somebody something they don't want to give that person... all bc she's yalls favorite.... let it go she ain't getting one this year try again next year

Eva NOT wrong... but, super freaky girl isn't Grammy worthy y'all. C'mon! She literally says "Innie, Minnie, Miny........Moe!" In the song, they gonna play with her, let's be real 😂