Empire star Bryshere Gray was taken into custody once more after a woman made fresh allegations of abuse against him.

According to the document, the woman stated that Gray pulled her hair and threw a box of food at her. She also claimed that Gray pulled her hair.

Because the woman was afraid for her safety, she decided to call the police and tell them what had happened.

The woman reported to the authorities that he had yelled at her on multiple occasions in the past.

According to the reports of the police, Bryshere Gray was involved in multiple other incidents involving domestic disturbances during the previous month.

He was taken into custody after the judge signed a warrant for his arrest. He's still behind bars.

The previous year, Gray was given a sentence that included three years of probation and a stay of ten days in county jail.

A person on social media said “Mr. Drip drop is at it again”

"What's wrong with men who want to constantly beat on women?" another person asked.