Dwayne Johnson Shares Moving Message After His Mom’s Car Crash

Dwayne Johnson, the beloved Black Adam star, recently shared a touching message after his mother, Ata Johnson, was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles.

At 74 years of age, the actress has faced numerous challenges in her life, including lung cancer, a difficult marriage, a head-on collision with a drunk driver, and even an attempted suicide.

Despite these obstacles, she has always been a survivor, showing an unyielding strength that has been described as nothing short of miraculous.

Johnson was grateful to share that his mother was on the road to recovery, expressing his thanks to God for watching over her during this time.

He also shared a photo of the red Cadillac SUV that was involved in the crash, which showed extensive damage to the right front side of the car.

In his post, Johnson acknowledged the work of the LAPD and LAFD, who were quick to respond to the scene and provide care and support.

In his message, the actor went on to express his gratitude to these first responders, thanking them for being so caring and focused during this difficult time.

He also thanked those who stayed on the phone with him and talked him through the incident, which no doubt helped to ease his anxiety and worries during this difficult time.

Despite the challenges that Ata Johnson has faced, she remains a true survivor, and her son's moving message serves as a testament to the incredible strength and resilience that she embodies.