Devon Waller is upset that his ex-wife Hazel-E shared intimate photos of him with his family and relatives.

Devon Waller posted this on his his instagram stories with angry emojis

According to Devon Waller, Hazel-E forwarded the photos to his mom and dad and other relatives.

Devon Waller describes his ex wife Hazel-E as sick

Next slides show how social media reacted to the Devon Waller and his ex wife Hazel-E after this incident.

Childddd that’s a mess but send them to us to

She's going too far why can't she move on. That's messy and embarrassing

They must be trying to get a show on Zeus too …. ..

She's hurt...she did it....that's crossing the line 🚩🚩

Which is very illegal ! She shoulda just shut up and seen him in court , now she building a case against her self Smfh