The 2022 American Music Awards featured Cardi B and Glorilla giving a performance of "Tomorrow 2."

During GloRilla's performance, Cardi B made an unexpected appearance and stole the show.

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Say what y’all want about cardi but she ate this song up !!! I love all the rap girlies

I’m so happy for Big Glo! She went from the hood to Hollywood in 6 months! God is so great!!!!

It’s Glo tryna watch Cardi eat the stage for me love this for them

Cardi took over the stage on her part lol. Glo was trying to keep up but Cardi had tunnel-vision. She was directing her part to a lot of her haters. She was definitely focused.

Idc What Y’all say bout Cardi..She Is Really that,anything she touches Goes up🔥🔥🔥🔥

They’re soooo cute , this how you vibe with the new girl …!!!! TAKE NOTES

Say what you want about Cardi but she know how to get the crowd off their seat