Recently, Bsimone disclosed on her podcast that she does not always take a shower every day.

Bsimone claims that when she is pressed for time, she would rather sleep than shower.

The next slides will show you how social media reacted to Bsimone’s not taking shower comment.

I cannot get inside my bed without having showered the day off

How do you sleep without showering?

Tired or not i don’t get in my bed without getting in the shower. Hell i make it to the shower even drunk. 😩

I shower twice a day☹️ I hope she’s joking chile

No!!That’s not a normal thing,I gotta hit that water everyday!!

She is active daily moving around,I hope she joking!!

Nahh women have discharge everyday. Even if you have 10 mins you can get in a good shower. Get in the shower lather soap everywhere and rinse. Girl stop playing…time don’t have anything to do with this.