After posting bail, Blueface was granted his freedom and released from custody.

Blueface was able to pay the $50,000 bail that was needed to get him out of jail.

The next scheduled court appearance for Blueface is in the month of January.

The next slides will show you how the fans and public responded to the Blueface bail

Zeus gonna make 3 seasons before January

Let’s see who he goes to first! BM or Rock lmaooo 🤣👀

50k for attempted m*rder? That's crazy

Y’all praying on that man downfall the Internet weird 🙃 asf

They told him to stay out of trouble. I think he should keep his distance from Rock for a while honestly

He’s caught on camera, he better have a good explanation as to why he felt threatened enough to open fire on a vehicle that’s driving away. 🤷🏽‍♀️