All of Big Latto's dancers received Prada handbags as gifts from her.

These gifts were given to her dancers as a token of appreciation for helping her pull off a successful tour.

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Thanks just give me the money ma'am 😂

She didn't have to give them a damn thing. Y'all act like the purse was their payment.That was sweet of her. People always got something to say 🙄

They wanted the cash

I’m sure she still payed them this is probably a extra thank you

I’m just loving all the love the female artist show each other and their crew and fans. It’s truly heartwarming

The Hell With Thee Prada Bag... Give Me Thee Money💰💵💰💵💰💵💰 Yo...

That was so sweet of her..Big Latto has a Big heart!!❣️❣️