Ashton Kutcher shared his excitement about the new Netflix series "That '90s Show"

Ashton Kutcher, the popular actor and producer, has shared his excitement about the future of the new Netflix series "That '90s Show".

The show, which is a sequel to the popular "That '70s Show", recently premiered on the streaming platform and has already been renewed for a second season.

In a recent interview with E! News, Ashton expressed his hopes for the show's longevity, stating that he would love to see the series run for 10 seasons.

He also shared his feelings about reprising his role as Kelso in a cameo appearance on the show, alongside his wife Mila Kunis who reprised her role as Jackie.

Ashton described the experience of being back on the show as "super nostalgic and really fun," and he expressed his love and appreciation for the cast and crew of the original series.

He mentioned that he grew up with the team and that it was an honor to work with them again.

When asked about the possibility of another Kelso appearance in the second season of "That '90s Show," Ashton admitted that nobody has approached him about it yet.

However, he remains hopeful and is open to the idea of returning to the show in the future.

The co-creators of the show, Bonnie and Terry Turner, expressed their gratitude for the renewal of the series, stating that they look forward to entertaining audiences for years to come.