The inability to play the piano forced Alicia Keys to pull out of her scheduled performance at the FIFA World Cup at the very last minute.

Alicia Keys was angry about some creative differences, and she got into an argument with the choreographer.

Attempts by Qatar to entice musicians to perform during the World Cup were largely unsuccessful because of the reasons you already know!

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Yall booked the piano queen and expect her to not want a piano. All of her songs include her playing piano. That’s like asking Michael Jackson to sit on a chair and not dance while he performs…. It makes 0 sense

The piano is apart of her that’s how she was introduced to the world, that’s how she’s been performing

How's she gonna be Alicia with no Keys? 🎹

At a certain point in your career you have the privilege to accept or decline opportunities, and she has definitely earned that right to walk away!

Give her the piano that’s her baby.

Did they know who she was. Cause ain't no way she not playing piano.