Akon has expressed his opinion that he believes Chris Brown had the potential to become the next Michael Jackson.

Akon also claims that Chris Brown does not receive any direction, despite the fact that he possesses talent.

Do you think that, with the right kind of guidance, Chris Brown has the potential to become the next Michael Jackson?

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I agree. He still one of the greatest but he definitely could be greater if he had more positive guidance around him.

There will never be another MJ…. Unless ppl fainting and passing out to see CB. Super talented but nobody is MJ. He was an era!

I agree.. but I believe the whole Rihanna thing kept him from achieving that imo.

It’s not even his talent…. It’s the situation. The situation will always be a curse that will limit his full potential of success. But he did overcome what could have been his careers end.

Chris could have been the next Michael but wanted to be the next Bobby Brown

Nobody can compare to Michael Jackson. Ever. He was literally once in a lifetime.